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Victor Cruz

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Badass Trini
Episode 58: Football Season


Fashion! Put It All on Me ➝ Zuhair Murad Bridal Fall 2014-15

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DC Bombshells

↳ Dinah Lance / Black Canary

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Nothing more awkward than putting a dish in while ya mom washing dishes

the way she looks you in the eye as you slide it past her arm

the guilt as you quietly look away

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It is okay to like anime

It is okay to cosplay 

It is okay to like J-Pop and K-Pop

It is okay to like things that come from Asian cultures

It is not okay to fetishize Asian women/men based off of your affinity with these things and make preconceived fantasies of how Asian women/men “should act” or look like because of it

It is not okay to fetishize or commoditize Asian cultures. Period.

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